How to get the Lotus Blader Bundle from the latest Diamond Royale in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire has just got a new update, the OB34 update patch.  This patch note has delivered some interesting new additions to the game. New features in craftland mode and some exclusive items have been added to the game. In terms of cosmetics, the Lotus Blader bundle has been added to the game in the diamond royale section. Players have plenty of time because it is available for 27 days.

Collect the Lotus Blader Bundle from the latest Diamond Royale

It is well known that diamond royale is a luck royale event in Free Fire and the grand outfit is changed routinely. Developers have added a brand new female costume named the Lotus Blader Bundle. The appearance of the set is visually aesthetic for the elegant purple color. The dress is themed after lotus.

However, players will need a diamond to get this bundle. To make one spin in a diamond royale event, 60 diamonds are required whereas 10+1 spins need 600 diamonds. Though there is no guarantee of getting the desired Lotus Blader Bundle. But the unique luck quotient indicates the possibility of getting the grand prize. A higher luck quotient means more chance of getting very rare items. It will be set to zero when the grand prize is received.

Complete reward pool of the latest diamond royal

Along with the grand item, players will get lots of cosmetics and other goodies like experience and gold boost cards.

  • Lotus Blader Bundle
  • Magic Cube
  • Magic Cube fragments
  • Summer Holidays set
  • Beach lover set
  • Summer beaches set
  • Discount coupons
  • Memory fragments

Steps to get the Lotus Blader Bundle in Free Fire MAX

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX first then navigate from your home screen and click on Luck Royale.
  • Step 2: Then, select the ‘Diamond Royale’ tab.
  • Step 3: After that, use your diamond royale vouchers to get a few free spins, or make spins using diamonds.

Thus, if you are into premium female bundles then you should try your luck in the diamond royale for a chance to win the Lotus Blader set.

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