How to get the Demonic Grin Backpack for free in Free Fire MAX: Demonic Grin Top up Event

Free Fire launches lots of events and top-up events are the most frequently occurring. These are usually introduced before any major events. Diamond is the in-game currency in Free Fire and the only way to get it is to purchase it with real money. However, many players do not hesitate to buy diamonds and top-up events are to encourage them more. In such an event, developers provide an exclusive reward for free.

Get Items from Demonic Grin Top up Event

Today Free Fire launched the Demonic Grin Top-Up event from which players can get the Demonic Board Skyboard and the Demonic Grin Backpack for free.

Both the items are inspired by a ferocious demonic face. Players just have to purchase 100 diamonds to get the demonic grin Skyboard and 500 diamonds to get both the Skyboard and the demonic grin backpack. These are free as individuals have to buy diamonds not spend on them. However, the purchase must need to be done within the event period. It will be accessible till Jun 5, 2022.

Reward pool of the Demonic Grin Top up event

The prize pool of this event contains two skins, and they are,

  • Buy 100 diamonds: Get Demonic Grin Skyboard for free
  • Buy 500 diamonds: Get Demonic Grin Backpack for free

Just remember, players, don’t have to make a separate purchase of 100 and 500 diamonds. A single top up of 500 diamonds will unlock both items.

How to get the Demonic Grin Backpack for free

For being able to get the rewards players must have to purchase diamonds.

  • Step 1: First open Free Fire MAX and click on the ‘plus’ button situated beside the diamond icon.
  • Step 2: Then go to the top-up section to buy diamonds.

Choose the 520 diamonds option for 400 rupees for getting both rewards. After that is complete, the payment process and you can claim your rewards.

After completing all the process mentioned above follow these steps,

  • Step 1: At first, tap on the ‘Calendar’ icon.
  • Step 2: Now you should head to the Events tab and select the Demonic Grin Top Up option.
  • Step 3: Finally you can tap the rewards to add them directly to your inventory.

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