New Enflamed Terror MAC10 Weapon Royale gun skin in Free Fire MAX

Guns are the most important asset in Free Fire. The gun skins do not only serve aesthetic purposes but also come with upgraded stats. Some premium gun skin provides extra-ordinary attributes that become a game changer in a head-to-head match. Weapon royal provides an exclusive gun every month which is very premium with a super cool appearance and extraordinary attributes.

Free Fire Weapon Royale gun skin Enflamed Terror MAC10

Free Fire has introduced a new gun skin in the Weapon Royale called the Enflamed Terror MAC10 skin. The gun will available for another 30 days from today. Individuals can obtain the skin by making spins in the Weapon Royale section. However, sufficient diamonds are required to spin the Weapon Royale. Though, one can use weapon royale vouchers for making spins. One spin in the Free Fire weapon royale require 40 diamonds or one voucher. Whereas 10+1 spin needs 400 diamonds or 10 vouchers.  Players should not forget that the Enflamed Terror MAC10skin is not a guaranteed prize and may take tons of diamonds to get it.

The new skin of MAC10 also has great attributes

Accuracy and damage of the Enflamed Terror MAC10 gun has been increased than the ordinary one. However, the magazine capacity is decreased.

  • Accuracy ++
  • Damage +
  • Magazine –

Prize pool of the latest Weapon Royale event after OB34 update

Along with the new skin of MAC10 other various skins are also present. These are,

  • MAC10-Enflamed Terror
  • Urban Rager guns
  • Imperial Rome guns
  • Bumblebee guns
  • Pharaoh’s Eyes guns
  • Other ordinary items

Follow the steps to get the Enflamed Terror MAC10

  • Step 1: Open the Luck Royale section present in the left-hand side corner of the main menu.
  • Step 2: Now tap on the Weapon Royale section.
  • Step 3: Two options will be shown at the bottom of the lucky draw-spin. Use either diamonds or weapon Royal vouchers to draw the spin.
  • Step 5: After confirmation, random prizes will be drawn, and eventually the Enflamed Terror MAC10 will be obtained if you are lucky enough.

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