Bomb Squad 5v5 event Calendar is now available in Free Fire MAX: Check out the event Schedule

Finally, the wait is over. An all-new event calendar has been introduced to the Free Fire game. The event calendar is named ‘Bomb Squad 5v5’ which was launched on June 3, 2022. The in-game announcement says that players can expect lots of free in-game cosmetics in the upcoming days. However, players must have to complete some events for the rewards.

Everything you need to know about Bomb Squad 5v5 calendar

The bomb squad has a revamp and developers will introduce some new exciting and time-limited features. A new map-El Pastelo is arriving on June 10, 2022. Though, this will not be the main attraction. Players can enjoy 5v5 matches here which is the first time Free Fire players will witness. The new team size fits Bomb Squad mode very well. So, there will be much more tactics possibilities.  A few additional effects will be there which are,

  • UI optimization to make the rules clearer to every player.
  • New in-game voice messages like “Attack A”, and “Defend B” will be added to help players communicate with teammates easily.

Event Schedule of Bomb Squad 5v5 event Calendar: Free Fire MAX

  • Bomb Squad new map (10 June-16 June)
    • Daily check-in reward (4 June-9 June) – Login to get Master of Minds Crate
    • C4 Exchange store 1 (3 June-16 June) – Get Squad Spirit top
    • C4 Exchange store 2 (10 June-16 June) – Get Booyah day katana
    • After Match Drop in CS/BR mode (3 June-16 June) – Collect C4 tokens
    • After Match drop in Bomb squad( 10 June-16 June) – Collect C4 tokens
    • 11/6 Login reward (11 June) – Get 2 incubator vouchers
    • Playtime reward (11 June-12 June) – Get loot crates
    • Bomb Squad rank challenge (10 June-13 June) – Get loot crates
    • Bomb squad rank defeat challenge (13 June-16 June) – Get vouchers & loot crates

Players can open Free Fire MAX and go to the ‘Bomb Squad 5v5’ section to get a glimpse of upcoming events. Currently, individuals can play in the CS/BR and Lone wolf mode to collect C4 tokens. These tokens are necessary to redeem items. Hurry up and collect the tokens as more events are yet to come.

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