How to get the Zombiefied Samurai bundle from Samurai spin event: Free Fire MAX

Free Fire frequently adds new cosmetic and gameplay content to the game for keeping it fresh for the players. However, sometimes they re-launch old and popular bundles. A very old but sought-after bundle Zombiefied Samurai set commenced today. In this article, we will discuss the best way to collect the bundle in Free Fire MAX.

Zombiefied Samurai bundle in the Samurai spin event

The Zombified Samurai bundle has been re-introduced through a Samurai Spin event on June 3, 2022. Along with the set, a premium emote named possessed warrior to emote is also available in the event prize pool. The set is very old but the deadly appearance always kept it on the player’s wish list. This time players can try to get the set by participating in the samurai spin which is a lucky wheel event.

Diamonds are required to spin in this event. Though there is no guarantee of getting the grand item. Players can select between 1 spin, 10 spins, or a special spin. 1 spin requires 20 diamonds and 10 spins require 180 diamonds. But 1 special spin will cost 40 diamonds. Moreover, special spins increase the chance of winning the grand prize by 3 times. Players who truly want to get the Zombiefied Samurai set should hurry up as the event will be available till June 9, 2022.

Rewards available in the latest Samurai spin event

  • Zombified Samurai Bundle
  • Possessed warrior emote
  • Mystic Fox Backpack
  • Warrior loot’s
  • Diamonds royal voucher
  • Weapon royale voucher
  • Pet food
  • Cube fragments
  • Warrior’s spirit weapon loot crate
  • Red Samurai weapon loot crate

Players will also get stage rewards when they spin enough times for each milestone.

Milestone rewards are,

  • 10 spins: Get a weapon royale voucher
  • 20 spins: Get two diamond royale vouchers
  • 30 spins: Get 3 magic cube fragments

Steps to access the Samurai spin event

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on your device and an event banner of Samurai spin will pop up on the screen. Simply click on that to open the event interface directly.
  • Step 2: Choose your preferred type of spin from the three options.
  • Step 3: make spins till you get your desired reward.

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