Rampage bundles are back in the latest Moco Store event: Free Fire MAX

Free Fire rampage bundles are among the most popular bundles and are often considered rare outfits. Recently a new Moco store event has been incorporated into the game which contains some of the most sought-after rampage bundles. Free Fire Rampage United 4.0 is on the way to be introduced and players can assume that this new moco store is the announcement of that.

Get Rampage bundles this week from Free Fire MAX

On June 7, 2022, developers introduced the Rampage Moco store event and it will remain in the game till June 13. Moco stores are one type of luck royale event where players need diamonds for drawing items. The rules are very similar to a faded wheel event but the difference is players can choose their grand prize and a bonus prize by themselves. The grand prize and the bonus prize should be selected before spending diamonds. Individuals can choose them from a prize set. The set of grand prizes are,

Grand prize list

  • Hunger Strike bundle
  • Venom Touch bundle
  • Plague Phantom Bundle
  • Vermilion Whirlwind bundle
  • M4A1-Cataclysm
  • AN94-Cataclysm

Moreover, the bonus prize also can be selected from a prize pool.

Bonus prize list

  • Vector-Taunting smile
  • AC80-Furry Tribe
  • SPAS12-Abyssal
  • Verdant soul
  • Dangerous game
  • Name change card

Select the items and press the ‘confirm’ button remembering that the prize pool cannot be changed after that. The final reward pool that can be collected by spending diamonds is,

  • Selected grand and bonus prize
  • Imp-Heads Weapon loot crate
  • Flaming Skull Weapon loot crate
  • Magic cube fragment
  • Weapon royal voucher

Required diamonds to make spins in a Moco Store

Similar to a faded wheel event, players can get their desired item for sure if they spent enough diamonds. Though, each subsequent draw will need more diamonds. Cost of each draw for the latest moco store: 9, 19, 49, 99, 199, 499.

Steps to get the Rampage bundles from Free Fire’s latest Moco Store event

  • Step 1: After opening Free Fire MAX go to the ‘Luck Royale’ section from the home lobby.
  • Step 2: Then select the ‘Moco Store’ tab and choose one grand prize and a bonus prize. Confirm your selection.
  • Step 3: now make spins till you get a rampage bundle.  

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