Free Fire MAX Rampage 4.0 Event Release date, Top bundles leaked: All you need to know

Special events always bring in some premium never seen before cosmetics to the game. The most talked about Rampage United 4.0 is on its way to being launched in Free Fire MAX and players are waiting with great enthusiasm. Rampage-themed event was launched way before in Free Fire which brought super premium costumes and some of them are considered among the rarest bundles. Data miners around the globe have leaked some images about the upcoming grand costumes from Rampage United 4.0 theme.

Release date of Free Fire Max Rampage 4.0 Event

The announcement of the upcoming Rampage event is done already. Developers mentioned through a video that the Rampage United 4.0 is scheduled to release on June 25, 2022, in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX.

Grand bundles from the Rampage United 4.0 event

The rampage event was first introduced in 2019 and till now it had been launched three times along with exclusive items. This premium event is one of the major attractions of the OB34 Update. The most premium bundles from the upcoming special event are,

Saturn Evilstriker Bundle

Lunar Saberanger bundle

Mars Warclasher bundle

Neptune Icestomper bundle

Remember, all these rewards are mere leaks and have not been confirmed officially. So, these are all about the upcoming Free Fire Rampage event for 2022. Meanwhile, there are more cosmetics yet to arrive. So, stay tuned with us for the latest Free Fire leaks.


Q: How many diamonds will require getting a Rampage United 4.0 bundle in Free Fire MAX?

Ans. Everyone knows that premium and exclusive items in Free Fire require lots of diamonds. Surely, players will have to spend diamonds to get one Rampage United 4.0 bundle among the four but the required number of diamonds is not known yet.

Q: what will be the free bundle in the Free Fire Max Rampage 4.0?

Ans. It is expected that players will get a bundle for free from any of the following.

Ventus Rouge bundle

Aqua Rouge bundle

Nebula Rouge bundle

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