Play Bomb Squad 5V5 mode in Free Fire MAX and get free rewards

The latest OB34 update patch of Free Fire brought a new 5v5 mode called Bomb Squad, where players had to land on the EL Pastelo map and defeat a squad of five enemies. Though it was added for fans to understand the game mode and was not accessible till now. Finally, on June 10, 2022, this unique match mode arrived in the battle royale game. Developers also launched some in-game events to celebrate the new mode by offering some cosmetics.

Log in to get Incubator Vouchers

Players can get 2 Incubator vouchers which is quite an interesting item for free just by logging in to Free Fire on June 11, 2022.

Playtime reward

The event commenced on June 11, 2022, and will remain till June 12. Here, players have to play the Free Fire game to unlock rewards.

  • Play the game for 30 minutes: Get 2X M1014 underground haul loot crate
  • Play the game for 60 minutes: Get a Bomb Squad choice crate

C4 Exchange Store 1: Get Squad spirit

Collect C4 tokens to buy paying matches in the CS/BR mode or lone wolf mode or the Bomb squad mode. However, in bomb squad mode players will get four C4 tokens per match whereas in other modes only two tokens can be collected. This event was launched on June 3 but is still available in the game. The prize pool contains,

  • Squad spirit top
  • Time travelers weapon loot crate
  • Weapon royale voucher
  • Loadout loot crate

C4 Exchange store 2: Get Katana-Booyah day

This event is launched on June 10, 2022, and has similar rules to the above-mentioned one. It will remain in the game till June 16 so players should hurry and start collecting C4 tokens. To get access to this event, individuals may select the ‘calendar’ icon from the home page. They go to the ‘Bomb Squad 5v5’ section and open the event interface. The prize pool contains,

  • Katana-Booyah day: 4 tokens
  • Diamond royale voucher: 10 tokens

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