How to get the Aqua Rouge bundle for free from Rampage Fort event: Free Fire MAX

Rampage United event campaign has been commenced already in Free Fire MAX and many events have been available to players. Among those, the Rampage Fort event is the most exclusive as it contains the Aqua Rouge bundle as the grand prize. The best thing is players can claim the set completely free.

Get the Aqua Rogue Bundle from the Rampage Fort event

The Rampage Fort event was launched on June 17, 2022, and can be accessible till July 4. It is a rampage United-themed event and can be collected for completely free. Although it contains many interesting and premium rewards, the Aqua Rouge bundle is the main attraction. The set is a female costume having an aqua theme that possesses extraordinary looks.

Players have to collect rampage points for making progress in this event. It can be done by playing battle royale mode, clash squad mode, and rampage united mode. In the journey in Rampage Fort, every incident will have 2 options and your selection will affect the outcome. After reaching the buff area individuals will get a random buff, which will boost the rampage points when activated during matches.

After clearing the missions on each floor players can go to the next floor. Clearing each floor will unlock exclusive rewards. Those are,

  • 1 floor – Rampage Book
  • 3 floor – 50x Rampage Book Token
  • 5 floor – 5x Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 8 floor – 100x Rampage Book Token
  • 10 floor – Aqua Rogue Bundle

Moreover, defeating Fort guards will provide certain rewards.

Steps to access the Rampage Fort event interface

  • Step 1: Access Free Fire MAX and play in any Battle Royale, Clash Squad, or Rampage Unite mode for getting Rampage Points.
  • Step 2: Now open the Rampage United event interface and access the Rampage Fort option from the bottom right corner. Click on the ‘explore’ button for exploring the areas and getting exclusive items.
  • Step 3: After exploring all the areas proceed further floors and collect the corresponding prizes. Reaching the tenth floor will unlock the very premium Aqua Rouge bundle.

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