Complete details about Free Fire Rampage Hyperbook & Rampage book

Currently, Free Fire Rampage event is live in game and it already launched a variety of collectibles. There are two interesting books among those items. One is Rampage book and the other one is Rampage Hyperbook. The Hyperbook system consists of books and pages. To proceed with unlocking the pages, you must first obtain the corresponding book. Books are divided into Hyperbook, which contains Secret Pages, and regular books. Both the items are exclusive but Rampage Hyperbook is more premium.

Free Fire Rampage Hyperbook: All you need to know

Players can collect a Rampage Hyperbook from the in-game store section by diamonds. However, the opportunity is for a limited period and can’t be accessible after July 1, 2022. A Rampage Hyperbook contains eight different and exclusive items that are inspired by the Rampage theme.

 The items are as follows,

  • Hybrid Explosion backpack
  • Grenade – Hybrid Explosion
  • Hybrid Explosion loot crate
  • Katana – Hybrid Explosion
  • Thompson – Hybrid Explosion
  • Gloo Wall – Cloud of Fear
  • Chronicle of the Sword
  • Gloo Wall – Electron Burn

Hyperbooks have secret pages, which can be unlocked using spins obtained from unlocking the regular pages. When some regular pages are still locked, unlocking the secret page is by luck. If all regular pages are unlocked, unlocking the secret page is guaranteed. To collect the Hyperbook, head to the store section and select the ‘Collection’ option from the ‘Normal’ section. Now you can get the item by spending 499 diamonds.

Free Fire Rampage Book: All you need to know

Players can get the rampage book completely free from the ongoing Rampage Fort event. We have already made an article dedicated to this event which can be read by clicking here. After reaching the first floor of the fort individuals will get the rampage book. When you obtain a book, the first page is automatically unlocked. The subsequent pages must be unlocked in chronological order and will have corresponding rewards. There are four items available on the reward list. Those collectibles are,

  • Rampage 2022 music
  • Grenade – Nebula rouge
  • Ventus Skyboard
  • Motorbike – Rapidus

For getting the item players first need to gather rampage points by playing BR/ CS and Rampage United mode. With those points, individuals can climb the reward ladder and unlock the Hyperbook.  

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