How to get Aqua Loot box and other items for free from Free Fire Rampage event: June 2022

The super exclusive Mars Warclasher set has been launched already. But this item is very expensive and not every player can afford it. But Free Fire always introduces some freebies in every major event campaign. Such rewards don’t require any diamonds to be spent. Rampage United event is still live in-game and here are some events that are offering free collectibles.

Playtime Reward

Launched on June 25, this is the last day of this event. Here, players can get the ‘Night Blade’ which is a parang skin for completely free. Individuals can claim the item just by playing matches in the Free Fire game.

  • Play 5 matches: Get Night Blade
  • Play 60 minutes: Get 50 Rampage book tokens
  • Play 100 minutes: Get 2x Incubator vouchers

To access the event simply click on the ‘Calendar’ icon and open the ‘Rampage united’ section. Then head to the ‘Play and Win’ option and claim your rewards.

Call Back your Friends

The Aqua loot box can be collected for free by completing this event. It is a call-back event so individuals have to call back their friend who has been offline for an extended period. Every qualifying individual who entered your ID will increase your mission completing progress.

  • Call back 1 friend: Get a diamond royale voucher
  • Call back 3 friends: Get Aqua Loot box and  2x diamond royale vouchers
  • Call back 5 friends: Get 2x diamond royale vouchers
  • Call back 7 friends: Get 3x diamond royale vouchers

Complete Missions and Exchange tokens for Rewards

In this event, the main reward is Violet Dreadlocks which is the skin here. The interesting part is it has three levels. Players can collect this item by gathering Thunder shard tokens. Some simple missions must require completion to claim the tokens. However, the event will be launched on 27, 2022, so players will have enough time to get the item. The reward pool is as follows,

  • 5 Thunder Shard tokens: Rampage artic banner
  • 5 Thunder Shard tokens: Rampage arctic avatar
  • 10 Thunder Shard tokens: Violet Dreadlocks

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