Everything you need to know about the Legendary Mars Warclasher bundle in Free Fire

Costumes are one of the most popular collectibles and developers offer a variety of ranges. Evolution bundles are the most premium thing that a player can get in this category.  On June 25, 2022, the most awaited Rampage Accession event was launched in the Free Fire game. Along with the event, the third evolution bundle in the history of Free Fire was also incorporated into the game. The bundle is called the ‘Mars Warclasher Bundle’ and we will discuss it in this article.

Complete details of Mars Warclasher bundle in Free Fire

The Mars Warclasher set was launched on June 25, 2022, by the Rampage United event. The powerful set is created with the most advanced technology of its time for the director of the rampage, Tyson Brontes. The main attraction of this bundle is it can change its color automatically. This feature is seen first time in the game which makes it very rare and exclusive. Moreover, players can change the color of the bundle components into yellow, red, violet, and sky blue.

 These colors have to be unlocked by attaining their respective ranks. Besides this feature, the costume has many bonus features which are mentioned below:

  • Look Changer: Players can equip the bundle and transform themselves in matches. It is the only bundle in Free Fire that has this feature.
  • Emote Lead: The emote is meant to lead the dance in the squad lobby. Encourage squad mates to get Booyah before any matches. 
  • Survival Animation: When anyone joins a squad, this special animation will glorify the arrival.
  • Circle of Heat: It is special animation where a circle of fire appears beneath the avatar if a player equips any part of the bundle.

All the above features will be unlocked if anyone owns the Mars Warclasher bundle. The latest evolution bundle contains:

  • Mars Warclasher (Top)
  • Mars Warclasher (Bottom)
  • Mars Warclasher (Shoes)
  • Mars Warclasher (Head)
  • Mars Warclasher (Mask)
  • Mars Warclasher (Facepaint)

Steps to access the event and get the bundle

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Luck royale’ section then select the ‘Rampage Accession’ option.
  • Step 2: Now, make spins using diamonds till you get the bundle.  

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