How to collect free Homer character and bundle from Free Fire Homer Top Up event

Diamonds are of utmost importance In the Free Fire game since the in-game currency is necessary for almost all in-game transactions. The Homer Top-Up is now available today granting players access to the most awaited Homer character which is also the first disabled character in the game.

Homer character and Homer’s Sightless assassin bundle from Free Fire latest Top Up event

The latest top-up event is launched on June 30, 2022, and players have until July 6 to collect the rewards of this event. The event offers Homer’s character and Homer’s Sightless assassin bundle for topping up a certain amount of diamonds. Both the items are free as players only need to purchase diamonds and not spent those. Just like any other character in Free Fire, homer also possesses some extraordinary skills.

Homer Abilities: Senses Shockwave

Homer is a blind assassin whose other senses more than make up for his loss. He can release a drone, creating a 5-meter diameter pulse explosion to lower the movement speed and fire rate of the nearest frontal enemy.

Prize Pool of the Free Fire Homer Top Up event

Players require to buy diamonds for getting rewarded. The rewards along with the required diamonds are as follows:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds: Get Homer
  • Purchase 500 diamonds: Get Homer’s Sightless assassin bundle

How to purchase diamonds and get Homer character and bundle

  • Step 1: First purchase diamonds via Free Fire’s top-up section.
  • Step 2: Choose from multiple top-up options and select one preferred. Remember, purchasing 500 diamonds will unlock both the rewards.
  • Step 3: After completing the transaction successfully access the events within the game and select Homer Top Up.
  • Step 4: Finally, click the claim button beside both the item and collect.

The arrival of this character was confirmed by a few months ago but there was no clarity on the release date. However, it is introduced in the game finally and players can grab it for free. Homer also has unique abilities which can be a game changer during a match so players should not miss the chance.

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