How to get Burger Lad Bundle and other items from the Fast Food Collection event: Free Fire

Free Fire keeps launching new kinds of cosmetics to the game through different events. Among those cosmetics, exclusive bundles are most sought after because of their unique and specially themed appearance. Players love to acquire them in a Free Fire match for aesthetic purposes. Today the latest bundle has been launched in a game that looks very different. Players will have to spend diamonds for participating in this event.

Exclusive cosmetics in the latest Reload Target Down event

On July 15, 2022, developers introduced the latest Reload target down event, ‘ Fast Food collection’. Players can participate in this till July 21. Reload target down events are one type of luck royale event where players need diamonds for drawing items. Here, players can spin for a chance to win fast food collection items. Each spin will remove the rewarded item from the loot pool, and add in a golden bullet containing special prizes. After getting all ten prizes the event ends. The main bundle is the burger lad set. Though it is exclusive, the looks are pretty mediocre. However, there are other items available that can be collected.

Complete prize pool of this event

Items that are up for grabs are as follows:

  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Pumpkin Flames Weapon Loot Crate
  • Tamago parachute
  • Platinum Divinity Token Box
  • Strapped Sub backpack

Golden Bullets

These are the premium items

  • Burger Lad Bundle
  • Ketchup Gal Bundle
  • Boxed Burger
  • Grenade – Burger Banger
  • Gloo Wall – Burger Banger

The items are not repeated so the price of spins is subsequently increased. The exact costs are Free spin, 9, 19, 29, 59, 99, 149, 199, 299, and 599 diamonds

Steps to get rewards from the Reload Target Down event

  • Step 1:  First, access the event interface, by clicking on the go-to button under the Reload Target Down section. 
  • Step 2:  Click on the fire button. The first spin is available for free. To draw more items players have to spend diamonds.

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