Free Fire Next OB35 Gold Royale Event (July 2022): Captain Markhor bundle

An exclusive gold royale bundle is added to the section after each major OB update in Free Fire. Players wait for this bundle as it can be collected without spending diamonds. This makes it special in contrast to the weapon royale and diamond royale sections. Here, we collected a leaked image of the upcoming gold royale bundle for the OB35 update. The upcoming costume is going to be a male bundle named Captain Markhor bundle.

Everything we know about the upcoming gold royale

The upcoming Captain Markhor set is inspired by military personnel. The bundle looks very cool and attractive. Gold coins are essential for making spins in this section. However, players can use gold royale vouchers also which is a common reward that can be collected from in-game events. Though diamonds are not required for making spins, there is no guarantee of getting the item. But the luck quotient gives an idea of winning the grand prize. This is because the higher the luck points, the more chances to get the grand prize. Alongside the main bundle, players can try to get numerous fashionable items such as shirts, tops, bottoms, headwear, glasses, etc.

Release date of the upcoming gold royale bundle

The Captain Markhor bundle will be launched in the Free Fire on July 21, 2022, at 12.00.00 PM (IST). It will then remain for 70 days till the next OB36 update. Hence, players will have plenty of time to get the set.

How to get the Captain Markhor bundle from Free Fire Gold Royale

  • Step 1: Firstly, head to the ‘Luck Royale’ section at the left-hand side corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: From there press on the ‘Gold Royale’ segment and choose the number of spins. Every day a free spin is provided. 10+1 spins cost 3000 gold coins or 10 gold royale vouchers.
  • Step 3: Make spins till you obtain the outfit.

The Captain Markhor bundle is not as difficult to get at all. If anyone attempts a good number of spins they are most likely to get it.

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