Free Fire next Diamond Royale Bundle July 24, 2022:  Magma Bionicon bundle

Players of the Free Fire game get to enjoy various kinds of costumes. Those are launched through a variety of events. Some events are available for a limited time only whereas some regular events offer premium cosmetics regularly. Diamond Royale is of its kind event that provides premium outfits and that grand bundle changes regularly. Currently, the Nightbloom Slayer bundle is available in the diamond royale section but after a few hours, it will be replaced with an exclusive bundle.

Diamond Royale Bundle in Free Fire for July 2022

The upcoming bundle for the diamond royale section will be a male bundle. The first look of the bundle is already been leaked. From that information, we get to know that the upcoming set is called the Magma Bionicon bundle.

The diamond royale contains many other rare items like a magic cube and other exclusive rewards. However, the event is not free for all so individuals will need diamonds for participating. To make one spin 60 diamonds are required whereas a 10+1 spin costs 600 diamonds. There is also an option of using diamond royale vouchers. Such vouchers can be collected for free by participating in various in-game events. There is no guarantee of getting the set but the luck quotient gives an idea about the possibility of getting the grand item. If the luck quotient reaches 100 points, the player will get the bundle for sure.

Free Fire July 2022 Diamond Royale Release Date and time

The upcoming diamond royale bundle will be released on July 24, 2022, at 12.00 AM (IST).


Q: How many diamonds will be required for the upcoming Magma Bionicon bundle?

Answer: As there is no guarantee of getting the desired set, some players may require thousands of contrast to that, some lucky players might get the set by spending a few hundred diamonds.

Q: When will be the upcoming diamond royal launched?

Answer: The upcoming diamond royal will be launched today at midnight.

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