How to get the Digital Dasher Bundle from the BIS Royale event: Free Fire

Today, a new luck royale event is launched into the Free Fire game. The event is special as players will get the digital dasher bundle, DIGI smiley gloo wall, and a pixel fun katana by participating. However, players require diamonds, which have to be bought with real money, for participating. The Free Fire BIS Royale event commenced on July 23, 2022, and players can collect rewards until July 29. To make one spin, 40 diamonds are a must. Whereas, whereas 10+1 spins cost 400 diamonds.

Prize Pool of BIS Royale event in Free Fire

There are a lot of exclusive and super attractive digital-themed items. After making spins players will get rewards randomly. The prize pool contains the following items,

  • Digital Dasher Bundle
  • Gloo Wall – Digi Smiley
  • Katana – Pixel Fun
  • Disco Lights Facepaint
  • Tokens
  • Platinum Divinity Token Box
  • Blue Flame Draco Token
  • Few Weapon Loot Crates

Remember that there is no guarantee of getting the grand prize. Only lucky individuals can get their desired cosmetics in fewer diamonds. However, the ‘exchange’ option offers to exchange special tokens for the desired item. Players can access that feature by tapping an icon from the top right corner of the home screen. Here is the list of items along with corresponding tokens:

  • 50x Tokens: Get Digital Dasher Bundle
  • 30x Tokens: Get UMP Digital Dasher
  • 20x Tokens: Get Gloo Wall – DIGI Smiley
  • 15x Tokens: Get Katana – Pixel Fun
  • 5x Tokens: Get Disco Lights Facepaint
  • 3x Tokens: Get Skyline Loot Crate

Steps to access the latest Luck Royale in Free Fire: BIS Royale event

  • Step 1: First, open the Free Fire game and access the Luck Royale section by clicking on the options from the left side of the screen.
  • Step 2: After that choose the BIS Royale option and make spins using diamonds.

Luck royale does not give a guarantee for the desired item. So, players having lots of diamonds only should engage in this event. However, the Digital Dasher bundle is very cool and has a variety of features making the event worth trying.

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