How to get Heatbound Desert Gloo Wall and Night Scouter Scythe from Scouter Top-Up event in Free Fire

A new top-up event is commenced on the Free Fire India server containing two exciting items. So, players are getting a chance to obtain in-game cosmetics for free. They just have to purchase diamonds and the rewards can be claimed. Those items would be far more expensive to acquire if individuals purchase through the store section.

Scouter Top-Up event is offering exclusive items

The new top-up event is called the Scouter Top-Up. It has been launched on August 1, 2022, and will conclude on August 4. Unlike other top-up events, players can earn both rewards for less money. The items are Heatbound Desert Gloo Wall and Night Scouter Scythe. Both the item looks cool, especially the scythe. The scythe skin has an aura of blue light. Players just need to purchase 300 diamonds to obtain both items and they can use the diamond later in other events.

Prize pool of Scouter Top-Up event in Free Fire

Purchase 100 diamonds: Get Night Scouter Scythe

Purchase 300 diamonds: Get Gloo Wall – Heatbound Desert

The progress will be counted for both items simultaneously as the rewards are cumulative. Individuals can grab both items by spending just ₹240.

Steps to purchase diamonds and get free items

  • Step 1: First log in to the Free Fire account and click on the ‘+’ icon to open the top-up interface.
  • Step 2: Then, select the desired pack and complete the payment through any of the methods available.
  • Step 3: Now, head to the ‘event’ section by clicking the ‘Calendar’ icon on the right side of the home screen.
  • Step 4: Select the Night Scouter Top-Up option and click on the claim button beside the corresponding item to obtain.

There is no other way to get diamonds rather than purchasing with real currency. So, top-up events provide great value to the participants. Those who routinely purchase diamonds should not miss the opportunity as many new events are on their way to being launched.  

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