Free Fire MAX Gun Ranking System: Top-ranked guns to use in the game

Players get the chance of choosing from a variety of guns in Free Fire MAX. These range from numerous assault rifles, shotguns, Sub Machine Guns, Sniper rifles, and more. Players choose a weapon according to their skills and compatibility. However, there was always a debate about which one is better or worse.

New Gun Ranking System is added in Free Fire MAX

Recently developers have added a new Gun Ranking option in the Free Fire MAX. To access the section players have to go to the ‘News’ tab. The chart contains a list of weapons listed in different criteria. That includes game mode, rank, and gun category. Now, players can get the best weapon according to their preference.

Top guns for the Clash Squad mode: Free Fire MAX

Now, players can discover the strongest and most popular guns in each rank and gun category for Clash Squad. As everyone knows the mode requires maximum kills rather than strategies so guns are important aspects. The new feature will help many players for sure. Here is the list of top 10 guns for Free Fire clash squad mode,

  • UMP
  • Thompson
  • Bizon
  • MAC10
  • MP5
  • AC80
  • M14

Top guns for the Battle Royale Mode: Free Fire MAX

In each mode, the gun ranks differ. Also, the calculation to determine the aspects differs. For Battle royale mode in Free Fire MAX, a kill rate is counted as the average number of kills players earn per gun. Here is a list providing the rank of guns as per kill rate,

  • M4A1–z
  • M14–III
  • Kar98k–III
  • SVD
  • SVD–Y
  • AC80
  • M249–X

In a summary, it is clear that Assault rifles are at the top for battle royale mode as many fights take place over long-range. Thus M4A1-z, M14-III, GROZA, and GROZA-X are among the popular choice. Kar98k–III is very popular for its balanced attributes. The mighty AWM may be the most desired sniper but the lower availability makes it difficult to use.

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