How to get the new pet Hoot for free from Free Fire MAX Hoot Top Up event

Pets possess unique abilities in the Free Fire game. So they are very valuable during matches and players love to acquire them. Pets can be collected for the in-game store section but today players can get a newly launched pet for free. The latest addition to the pet list is called the Hoot. It can be collected for free as players just have to purchase diamonds and not spend them.

Get new pet Hoot and its skins from Free Fire latest Hoot Top Up event

The new pet, Hoot has been introduced to the game through the Hoot top-up event. It started on August 10, 2022, and will remain till August 14. Just like any pet in Free Fire, Hoot has a unique ability called ‘Far-Sighted’. It has no skill to cool down. Hoot can increase the range and time duration of scanning items and skills. However, the skill can be upgraded to use it to the fullest. While using a level 3 hoot, the owner can reach an added range of 10m and the scan duration will last for an extra 2.5 s. Moreover, the results can be shared with teammates.

Prize pool of the Hoot Top Up event in Free Fire MAX

The prize pool is very interesting as individuals can grab the hoot pet, new skin, and emote by just purchasing 100 diamonds. Moreover, they can spend the diamonds on other upcoming events. This is a very unique opportunity that players should not miss. Here is the list mentioning the required numbers of diamonds along with the corresponding rewards:

•             Top-up 100 diamonds: Get Hoot, Hoot on Fire & Show off emote

•             Top-up 300 diamonds: Get Bobble dance to emote

How to access the event and get rewards

  • Step 1: Access the Free Fire and subsequently click on the ‘plus’ button from the home lobby.
  • Step 2: Purchase the required number of diamonds. Topping up of 300 diamonds will unlock every reward from the event.
  • Step 3: After that, head to the ‘top up event’ option and open the event tab. Claim your Free Fire pet Hoot along with its skin and emote.

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