How to get free Luck Royale vouchers and other items in Free Fire MAX this week

Players of Free Fire love to acquire premium accessories and play with them. But most of the time they won’t come for cheap. It requires lots of diamonds (in-game currency) to get such premium cosmetics. Luck royale is a popular choice as it has an option to make spins for free and get cool outfits and gun skins. We have shortlisted a few events that are offering free luck royale vouchers along with other freebies inspired by the ‘5th-anniversary celebration’.

Events to claim free rewards in Free Fire

Recently, developers added new events that contain diamond royale vouchers, weapon royale vouchers, incubator vouchers, and other items. Here are the details:

Master the M4A1: Get Luck royale vouchers

Very recently a new feature is added to Free Fire which provides detailed information about the popular gun skins in different modes. In that list, the mighty M4A1 which is an Assault Rifle became the top-ranked gun. To celebrate that an event named ‘Master the M4A1’ was commenced. It was launched on August 10, 2022, and will remain till August 16. The missions are very easy to complete so players will get all the rewards easily. The prize pool contains:

  • Kill 3 enemies with M4A1: Get a Magic Cube fragment
  • Kill 5 enemies with M4A1: Get a Diamond Royale voucher
  • Kill 7 enemies with M4A1: Get an Incubator voucher
  • Kill 10 enemies with M4A1: Get a Weapon Royale vouchers

Rank up Now event: Get freebies

Today the new ranked season of BR and CS has started. Following the opportunity, developers released a new event called Rank up now that is offering a few in-game items.  It is launched on August 12, 2022, and will remain till August 17. So, players are getting enough time to complete the event. Players have to click on the ‘Calendar’ icon and head to the ‘5th-anniversary celebration’ option to access the ‘Play CS/BR Ranked’ event. The prize pool contains:

  • Play 2 BR Rank matches: a Gold royale voucher
  • Play 5 BR Rank matches: Spaceship Moony pet skin
  • Play 5 CS Rank matches: an Incubator voucher
  • Play 2 CS Rank matches: Pixelated Staircase

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