Free Fire Next Diamond Royale Bundle (August 21, 2022): Rowdy Searuler bundle

In Free fire, the demand for getting exclusive cosmetics never goes down. Players love to acquire premium bundles to look cool in a match. Free Fire provides a variety of events providing lots of exclusive outfits. Some of the events require lots of diamonds so players always look for a substitute event from where they can grab it for cheap. Luck royale is a popular choice as it provides premium outfits in every month. Currently, the Magma bionic bundle is available in the game but it will be removed after 7 days and an all-new costume will take place.

Free Fire next Diamond Royale bundle details: Everything You Need to Know

The upcoming diamond royale grand outfit will be the Rowdy Searuler bundle.

The outfit looks very cool and attractive. The sea green color combination and the overall appearance of the set are worth trying to get. It will be released in Free Fire on August 21, 2022, at 12 PM (IST).

Diamond Royale section in Free Fire

The diamond royale is a luck royal event that is dedicated to outfits only. Every month a new and premium outfit launches in this section. Players can get access from the ‘Luck Royale’ option available in the left corner of the home screen. Though diamonds are required to make spins, players also have a substitute for spinning. The cost to make one spin is 60 diamonds or 1 diamond royale voucher and a 10+1 spin requires 600 diamonds or 10 diamond royale vouchers. Players are offered diamond royale vouchers through various in-game events.

However, let’s not forget that there is no guarantee of getting the grand prize. Players have to make spins till the luck quotient gets higher which increases the chance of receiving a grand prize. So., players with enough diamonds or enough luck quotients only should try to get the upcoming Rowdy Searuler bundle. After receiving a grand prize the luck quotient will be set to zero automatically. Apart from the grand costume, there are also lots of other in-game items like the magic cube and rare bundles.

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