How to collect the Iris character and Iris Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle from the Iris Top Up event in Free Fire

Diamonds are a very precious object in Free Fire as it is the in-game currency used for participating in almost every premium event. Many players do purchase diamonds with real currencies and top-up events are absolutely a blessing for them. Currently, the top event has been incorporated which contains the Iris Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle, Universal memory fragment, and the Beauty Reuniter set. Players can get these items for free by just purchasing a certain number of diamonds.

Iris character and Iris Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle from Iris Top Up event in Free Fire

The event is launched on August 15, 2022, and players have until August 19 to grab the rewards of this event. The iris character is freshly launched and possesses certain abilities. Along with the character, there are also Universal fragments and Iris Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle that can be collected by topping up just 100 diamonds. All those items are free as players only need to purchase diamonds and not spent them for them.

Complete reward list of the Free Fire latest Iris Top Up event

The only thing to do for claiming rewards is to buy diamonds during the event period. Here are the rewards:

•             Purchase 100 diamonds: Get Iris Character, Iris Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle, 900 universal fragments

•             Purchase 500 diamonds: Get a Beauty Reuniter set

How to purchase diamonds and get Iris character and other rewards

  • Step 1: First open the game then purchase diamonds via Free Fire’s top-up section.
  • Step 2: There will be multiple options for topping up. Choose the desired option and make payment.
  • Step 3: The rewards will be unlocked when the transaction will be completed.
  • Step 4: Access the event from the event tab and collect rewards.

Iris is the latest addition to the in-game character list. So, players who top up diamonds routinely should not miss the chance as they can collect lots of items for free. Also, Iris has some unique active skills that can be used in a match.

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