Free Fire Upcoming Map Nexterra on August 20, 2022: All you need to know

Free Fire fifth anniversary celebration is going in a full swing and developers already announced the arrival of a new map. The map is named ‘Nexterra’, and players are eagerly waiting for it. The map is like a future city with many exclusive features and places. In this article, we have summed up every detail of the map which is known till now.

Release date of Free Fire upcoming map Nexterra

The upcoming Nexterra map is scheduled to release on August 20, 2022.

Nexterra Map: All details

The map is inspired by the future and contains various places with different features. The Map is divided into two parts: one is a big land and the other one is the Intellect Centre. Moreover, there will be a few exciting features. Two of them which are known yet, are Anti-Gravity Zones and Magic Portals.

Upcoming Nexterra Map notable places

Just like any other map in the game, the upcoming map will be consists of lots of places.

Nexterra Map: Museum

The Museum contains a lot of platforms, hallways, and hiding spots. The hallway is decorated with a transparent shed so players can enjoy a different kind of gameplay there.

Nexterra Map: Plazaria

It is a big restaurant placed in the middle of the map. Moreover, the main building is very big and players can expect high-tier loots.

Nexterra Map: Mud Site

There are lots of uncompleted buildings that can be a good place for close-range combat. However, players should not expect mud-filled areas here.

Nexterra Map: Deca Square

The place is surrounded by pink flower fields. However, there are few buildings and shops for hiding in.

Nexterra Map: Grav Labs

The place named Grav Labs is very interesting as it contains an anti-gravity area. Players can participate in airborne gunfights for the unique anti-gravity feature of the place.

Nexterra Map: Twin Bridge

There are two great bridges and the best part is players can land on top. The place will surely become attractive as players can look for or target enemies from a great height.

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