How to collect the Infernal Carnizard bundle and other bundles this week from Free Fire Berserk Reptilia Incubator

The Berserk Reptilia incubator is a new addition to the luck royale section of Free Fire. The incubator is a premium luck royale event that offers exclusive themed items routinely. The latest Berserk Reptilia incubator contains four cool bundles. The entire incubator is inspired by a reptile theme which is reflected in the contents.

New Berserk Reptilia incubator in Free Fire MAX

The latest incubator commenced on August 17, 2022, and 23 days are left before it ends. Incubators are very exclusive as, unlike other bundles, the incubator bundles don’t return usually. So, players might not get the chance to acquire the incubator items again. Players have to make spins to get items from the event. 40 diamonds or 1 incubator voucher is required for one spin and five spins will cost 180 diamonds or 5 incubator vouchers. This currently going Berserk Reptilia incubator contains four exclusive bundles and some other ordinary items. Getting the bundle is very tough as players will not get them directly. Special Berserk Reptilia blueprint and evolution stone are essential to crafting an incubator bundle.

Exclusive Carnizard bundles available in the Berserk Reptilia incubator

Infernal Carnizard bundle

Jungle Carnizard bundle

Stellar Carnizard bundle

Guerilla Carnizard bundle

How to make spins in the Berserk Reptilia incubator to get items

  • Step 1: First players have to open Free Fire by logging in to their account.
  • Step 2: Then, head towards the ‘Luck Royale’ tab and from there access to the ‘Incubator’ section.
  • Step 3: Choose the Berserk Reptilia incubator and make spins using the two-spin option available. Players have to collect enough blueprints and evolution stones first. Then redeem those items for an exclusive incubator bundle.

Here is a list provided mentioning the required materials for each bundle

BundleRequired mystical blueprintRequired evolution stone
Infernal Carnizard bundle37
Jungle Carnizard bundle25
Stellar Carnizard bundle24
Guerilla Carnizard bundle13

Individuals have to tap on the ‘exchange’ option and the bundles will be crafted. Rewards will be added to the vault directly.

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