How to get free Sterling Star Backpack and luck royale vouchers from Map Capsule: Free Fire MAX

The 5th Anniversary celebration is at its full swing and players are gifted with lots of activities and events. After the release of first two capsules, the third capsule also called the Map Capsule has started recently along with the launch of the new Nexterra map. There are lots of new places and different features available in the latest Nexterra map and players can grab some freebies just by exploring the new map.

Get Sterling Star Backpack from Map Capsule in Free Fire

The Map Capsule was launched on August 20, 2022, and can be accessible till September 14. The main reward is the Sterling Star Backpack but there are other rewards also that can be collected. To get all of these players have to complete given missions. The requirement is to unlock a particular area of the map and thus claim in game items for free.

New area unlocks at 4.00 am (IST) every day and a new set of items are made available. Moreover, Amethyst Pentagon tokens can be collected from those missions.

Reward pool of the Map Capsule section in Free Fire

There are lots of items available as milestone rewards. The grand items can be collected by unlocking ten areas from the map.

The items are: Sterling Star Backpack, 1x Incubator Royale Voucher, and Armour Crate

How to access the Map Capsule and claim Sterling Star Backpack

Step by step guide to collect the rewards through the newly launched Map Capsule in Free Fire MAX is as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the 5th Anniversary interface by clicking on the icon available at the right upper side in the home lobby.
  • Step 2: Then, select the Map Capsule option.
  • Step 3: Now, complete any of the two missions for unlocking a particular area of Nexterra Map. Click on the crates from the right side and get rewards.

Let’s not forget that players will also collect Amethyst Pentagons in the process. These are essential in the exchange store to redeem a new bundle and other items.

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