How to get Electro Fuse Loot Box from the New Battle Royale map in Free Fire: Nexterra

Recently a new map named Nexterra has been incorporated into Free Fire. The map contains several new features, including Anti-Gravity Zones and Magic Portal. Players can explore the new map while getting an exclusive Electro Fuse Loot Box for free.

Free Fire MAX an Electro Fuse Loot Box for free: Nexterra

The new event offering the Electro Fuse Loot Box was started on August 20, 2022, and will remain until August 25. The event is commenced to engage more players in the new map. Players can select the map in both ranked and unranked Battle Royale modes. There are many kinds of terrains on the maps. Here are some of the best drop locations from the new map Nexterra,

  • Intellect Centre
  • Mud Site
  • Deca Square
  • Plazaria
  • Museum

Reward list of the following event in Free Fire MAX

  • Play 1 match: Get a free 1x Pet Food
  • Play 3 matches: Get a Gold Royale Voucher
  • Play 5 matches: Get an Electro Fuse Loot Box

The missions mentioned above are cumulative, which means players just need to play five matches on Nexterra and all the rewards can be claimed.

Steps to access the event and get the new Electro Fuse Loot Box

Players must follow the steps mentioned here to access the event interface and claim newly added items:

  • Step 1: First, log in to Free Fire and select the Nexterra map from the battle royale option. Play at least five matches on the new map.
  • Step 2: Next, tap on the ‘calendar’ icon and open the ‘Events’ section. After that, select the ‘5th Anniversary’ tab and choose the ‘Play NeXTerra Now!’ to open the event interface.
  • Step 3: press the claim button beside the corresponding items and that will be added to the vault directly.

The event is very easy to complete as players only need to play on the new Nexterra map a certain number of times. Players should not miss the opportunity as free rewards are becoming rare in Free Fire these days.

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