Top 5 pets to choose from in Free Fire for August 2022: Pets Ranked

Free Fire offers a companion to players. These are called pets and they also possess unique abilities similar that influence the overall gameplay. Choosing a good pet according to the player’s gameplay is an essential strategy to gain more success in a match. Here we have shortlisted a few pets that are used widely among Free Fire players.

Top pets to choose from in Free Fire: Latest List

1) Mr. Waggor

Inspired by a penguin Mr. Waggor might be the most helpful and popular pet in Free Fire. Mr. Waggor can generate a gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds if a player has less than 1 Gloo Wall grenade. However, this is for the basic level. The pet becomes very effective at max level and can be a game changer in both Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode.

2) Finn

Finn is a Free Fire pet inspired by Sharks. The ability it possesses is called ‘Dash Splash’. Finn can increase the owner’s and teammates’ movement speed by 4% when any player is knocked down or eliminated within a 20m radius on a basic level. The effect lasts for two seconds, and the cooldown is 120 seconds. Finn is a good choice in a match especially when the last zones are appearing and players require more agility. 

3) Detective Panda

Detective Panda possesses a unique skill called Panda’s Blessings. It can recover 4 HP with each kill at its level 1. After making it to Level 7, Panda’s Blessings will restore 10 HP per kill. Players will have to secure a kill first for getting direct HP so using it in Clash Squad mode is the best choice.

4) Rockie

The pet can be destructive in many fight situations in Free Fire. The ‘Stay Chill’ ability of Rockie helps its owner to decrease the cool-down time of the character’s ability by 6%. In addition, the cool-down time of the pet will also decrease by 15%. The pet is a must if anyone uses an active ability character with a great cool-down time.

5) Beaston

Beaston has a cool ability called Helping Hand. The owner gets to throw Grenades, Gloo Walls, Flash bangs, and Smoke Grenades by 10% more distance at the very basic level. Beaston is the perfect companion for players who love to use throw able items for eliminating enemies.

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