How to get Iris character, Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle at just 499 diamonds from the Free Fire store section

In Free Fire, there is a diverse selection of in-game characters which may be purchased straight from the in-game store. However, players usually find the price of those at the higher end and hesitate to purchase. Sometimes, developers organize sales on items in the in-game store section to encourage for buying with real money. This allows players to claim their desired items for a fraction of the usual cost. The newly launched Iris character is added in the store section recently so players can have that in as low as 499 diamonds.

Iris Character is added in the Store section: Free Fire

The sale on Iris characters along with the Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle and Universal Memory Fragments started a few days ago and will continue for some weeks. A top-up event was launched which offered the new Iris Character and its exclusive bundle for free (for topping up 100 diamonds) but many players might miss the chance. So, the latest offer is very unique as in 499 diamonds players can grab Iris Character, Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle, and Universal Memory Fragments. Here is a list mentioning the usual cost of these items:

  • Iris Character: 499 diamonds
  • Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle: 899 diamonds
  • Universal Memory Fragments: 225 diamonds

When the discount is over, the same items will cost 1199 diamonds altogether.

Steps to get Iris Deadly Sunshine Deluxe bundle and other items at Just 499 diamonds

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire first, and then head to the ‘Store’ section from the left side of the home screen.
  • Step 2: Next, select the ‘Character’ section under the ‘Normal’ tab.
  • Step 3: After selecting the Iris Character and its bundle click on the ‘Purchase’ button. 499 diamonds will be deducted from the account and the items will be added to the in-game vault section.

Currently, there are other two characters and their exclusive bundles that can be bought at a discounted rate (499 diamonds). Those are Kenta’s Character with its Samurai outfit and Homer’s character along with its outfit.  

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