How to get the Crimson Knifemaster & Cherry Chefmaster bundle from Elite Pass offer event in Free Fire

Free Fire contains various kinds of events for launching all new cosmetics and freebies. Usually, players require a lot of diamonds to collect such premium items. Elite passes on the other hand provide a variety of items at a relatively less price. According to developers, the items are worth 10,000 diamonds. Generally, an elite pass costs around 499 diamonds. But today players can grab the current elite pass at a whopping discount.

Get an exciting discount on The Kung Foodies Elite Pass in Free Fire

The currently going Kung Foodies Elite Pass(S 51) is going to end soon. On August 31, 2022, it will be gone forever from Free Fire. Developers are providing a chance from where players can grab the elite pass at a cheap rate. Players have to spin for free and a random discount will be given. If the discount seems satisfactory, they can make spins with diamonds for the elite pass and other items. Moreover, if anyone already owns the elite pass, the grand prize will become 13 incubator vouchers. The prizes will be added to the vault directly. However, players are requested to wait for 10 minutes for items to be credited.

Prize list of the Elite Pass offer event in Free Fire MAX

The current Kung Foodies Elite Pass is inspired by Chinese chefs. So, players will get two unique bundles, one male and one female, and various items like backpacks, jackets, and gun skins from the elite pass at discounted prices. There are other items also that can be obtained from making spins. Those are as follows,

  • The Kung Foodies Elite Pass (Season 51)
  • The Kung Foodies Badge X10
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Magic Cube fragment

Steps to get a discount for the current Elite Pass

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire and select the ‘Calendar’ icon first.
  • Step 2: From there choose the ‘News’ tab and press on the ‘Elite Pass Offer’ option. Now, the event interface will be opened.
  • Step 3: Make a free spin to get a random discount. Spin using diamonds further to get the elite pass and other items.

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