Upcoming Free Fire Weapon Royale gun skin leaked images and other details: Lava Lustre Charge Buster

Free Fire introduces a new gun skin in the Weapon Royale section every month. Thus the luck royale event became very popular and players wait eagerly for the upcoming gun skin. The guns are not only very exclusive but also possess extra attributes which make them deadlier than the classic skins. Currently, a legendary gun skin of M24 is available in the following section but soon it will be replaced with a premium skin of Charge Buster. However, this is not a free event so players will require diamonds for participating.

Upcoming Free Fire Weapon Royale Gun skin for Indian server

From some popular data miners of Free Fire, the latest leaks have been released regarding the upcoming weapon royale skin. The upcoming gun will be the Lava Lustre Charge Buster.

Charge Buster is a mid-range gun that uses a burst of energy to eliminate enemies. The upcoming Lava Lustre Charge Buster has very aesthetic looks as a fiery animation is coming from the gun. Moreover, the upcoming weapon royal gun skin possessed upgraded stats that enhance its performance.


  • Accuracy ++
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Reload Speed –

Players have to make spins with diamonds for winning the gun skin. Apart from diamonds they can also use Weapon Royale vouchers which can be collected from various in-game events easily. To make one spin, the requirement is either 40 diamonds or one voucher and eleven spins require 400 diamonds or 10 weapon royale vouchers. However, players should not forget that the gun skin is a grand prize in the following event and there is no guarantee of getting it.

Release Date and time of upcoming Weapon Royale gun skin in Free Fire

The upcoming Lava Lustre Charge Buster will be launched on September 3, 2022, at 4.00.00 AM (IST).

Players should remember that information mentioned here regarding the upcoming gun skin for Free Fire weapon royale (Indian server) is not an official announcement. The news can be confirmed only after the official release.

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