Get Incubator Voucher and other items for free in Free Fire MAX

Players of Free Fire currently enjoying all the events launched from the 5th Anniversary Celebration campaign. Currently, a Play Time Reward event is available in the game that is offering Incubator vouchers, universal memory fragments, and gold royale vouchers for free. It is well known that the incubator is a premium luck royale event in Free Fire and it takes lots of diamonds to make spins. Using incubator vouchers players can participate for free so the said event is very special.

Incubator Voucher and Universal Fragment in Free Fire MAX

The latest Playtime Reward event commenced on August 27, 2022, and will last for today only. The only requirement to get rewards is players have to play the game for a certain amount of time regardless of whether it is Battle Royale, Clash Squad, or any other mode. 

The reward pool of the Current Playtime Reward event in the game

  • Play 20 minutes – Get a Gold Royale Voucher for free
  • Play 60 minutes – Get 300 Universal Fragments for free
  • Play 120 minutes – Get Five Incubator Vouchers for free

Steps to complete the missions and claim Incubator vouchers

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on your devices.
  • Step 2: Select any game modes and play the game. There is a lot of new addition to the game so players will not get bored. They should remain in the game for 120 minutes to get all the rewards. However, it is not necessary to complete 2 hours play time all at once. 
  • Step 3: After completing 120 minutes in the game head to the ‘Calendar’ icon available in the main screen lobby. From the ‘5th Anniversary’ tab select the ‘Playtime Reward’ event and claim rewards.

Current Incubator bundles in Free Fire MAX

The latest incubator contains four exclusive sets inspired by a lizard theme. These are the Infernal Carnizard bundle, Jungle Carnizard bundle, Stellar Carnizard, bundle, and Guerilla Carnizard bundle. The bundles were launched on August 17, 2022, and are still available. To make one spin in this luck royale 40 diamonds or 1 incubator voucher is required. So, players must not miss the opportunity of getting five Incubator vouchers for free!

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