Best Rewards in Time Limited Diamond Store: Free Fire Wave 1 and 2 Best Rewards

Free Fire contains a ton of in-game collectibles. Players always try to get those premium accessories like gun skins, emotes, outfits, gloo walls, etc. However, such items may cost hundreds of diamonds. The 5th Anniversary Celebration is going at its full swing in the game and it brought a special event called Time-Limited Diamond Store. The event contains various rewards that are either free or cost a minimal amount of diamonds. The goal is to collect special diamonds and use them to redeem rewards from the featured prize pool. In this article, we have shortlisted a few items that are best and players should collect them first.

Time-Limited Shop in Free Fire offers a series of rewards

The Time Limited Diamond Store is providing rewards for temporary diamonds, which should be collected through in-game missions. The Wave 2 of the event is been launched recently on August 27, 2022, and will remain till September 9. Along with Wave 2, various other items are introduced in the prize list that may have confused many. So, here is a list mentioning the top items according to the writer’s opinion.

Woodpecker-Merciless Necromancer

The Legendary skin of the woodpecker has some aesthetic appearance with a blue aura. Its attributes of it are also amazing. It has an increased range which will be a game changer for sure. Players will need 1199 special diamonds for collecting them.


  • Range ++
  • Armor Penetration +
  • Magazine –


The Famas skin is a top choice as it has increased accuracy and damage. The gun has a lot of recoil issues so the Metallic skin sure covers its weakness. It costs 1199 special diamonds.


  • Accuracy ++
  • Damage +
  • Magazine –

Katana-Cyber Bounty Hunter

The Katana is inspired by the great collaboration of Free Fire and Cristiano Ronaldo. It possesses beautiful aesthetics and also notifies others through the kill feed. 390 special diamonds and 9 regular diamonds (in-game currencies) are a must to get this item.

Shattered Reality Emote

It was first launched through a top-up event in which real currencies are required to top up diamonds first. But now players can get it by spending 9 real diamonds and 590 special diamonds. Since special diamonds can be collected for free, players are getting a huge deal.

In the above list, we have not mentioned any characters like Homer and Kenta. This is because players can use their ability for free just by using the newly added link system.

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