Collect Riverdust Splasher and Riverdive Marina bundle from Penta Flip event in Free Fire

Free Fire gives a diverse list of cosmetics that possess a super attractive appearance. Here players get new and attractive items regularly through different events. A new event called Penta Flip commenced today where players have a chance to win an exciting River Spirits collection. The prize pool contains a variety of rewards like outfits, a backpack, a Skyboard, a loot box, and more. However, players have to make spins with diamonds to get their hands on such rewards.

Riverdust Splasher bundle and other items are available in a new event

The Penta Flip event is launched on August 31, 2022, into Free Fire MAX and will remain till September 6. Similar to a Faded Wheel event, rewards are not repeated in the Penta Flip. Moreover, players are assured to get a grand reward after a specific number of draws. A new Grand Prize will be added to the deck to the deck at the start of every round. Players have to spend diamonds to reveal the cards for obtaining. If anyone could not get the grand prize, the item will be added to the next round, with five rounds total. Individuals can flip all cards in the final round means they will get all the rewards.

Prize pool of the Penta Flip event in Free Fire

The grand prizes of this event are mentioned below,

  • Riverdust Splasher Bundle
  • Lake Spirits backpack
  • Lake Spirits Skyboard
  • Goblet of Eternity
  • Riverdive Marina Bundle

Required number of diamonds to draw card in the Penta Flip event

Like a faded wheel, the price of drawing items will increase in this event. Required diamonds with a subsequent draw are as follows: 9, 19, 29, 49, 69, 99, 199, 299, and 499.

How to collect the Riverdust Splasher set and other rewards from the Penta Flip event

  • Step 1: Access your Free Fire account and then head to the events tab. Then, from the Penta flip event section click on the go-to button.
  • Step 2: Select any one card from the deck to get the item.
  • Step 3: The selected card will be replaced with a new item from the River Spirits collection. Draw cards until you get all the desired items.

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