Free Fire OB36 Update (September 2022) Details: Release Date, New Pet, New Bundles, New Characters, & Much More

Free Fire is currently one of the most played mobile games and it is continuing its growth through various attractive events and features. OB updates are routinely incorporated into the game for adding various features and in-game modes. So, players wait with great enthusiasm for upcoming OB updates and always seek to get a glimpse of the upcoming features and changes. A new OB update is on its way to being launched and the leaks are already out on the internet. Here are the best and most important ones.

Free Fire OB36 Update Release Date

The upcoming Free Fire OB36 update patch will be launched in the game on September 14, 2022.

Free Fire’s upcoming OB36 Update Maintenance Break

Usually, a long maintenance break is applied to the game before incorporating any OB update. So players should be ready for the break in the upcoming update patch also. Developers will apply the maintenance after 11.30 am (IST) and will remain till 5.30 pm (IST). Players cannot access the game during the period. This occurs for the smooth application of the new features to the game.

Upcoming New Features of Free Fire OB36 Update: All we know so far

There will be lots of events, different modes, and cosmetics after the upcoming OB36 update. Here are the most exciting ones,

Upcoming new Pet – Fang: OB36

The upcoming pet provides HP to the owner whenever their teammates get knocked out. Players have to upgrade the pet to level 7 for using its ultimate form.

Upcoming Corrosion Grenade: OB36

The Corrosion Grenade will be the latest addition to the Free Fire grenade list. It focuses on gloo walls mean players can destroy enemies’ gloo wall with this grenade. The corrosion grenade creates an area after the explosion which damages gloo walls until they break down. In addition, players will also take damage if they stay within the Corrosion Grenade’s area of the explosion. However, the damage is small so players can get out of that easily.

Upcoming new Characters: OB36

Their names are Luna and Tatsuya respectively.

Upcoming new Evo gun skin of AN94: OB36

Upcoming all bundles of OB36

Upcoming all Emotes of OB36

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