Collect the Cobra Rage bundle from the Cobra Ascension event in Free Fire MAX

The most premium-looking cobra-themed bundle is been re-introduced in Free Fire MAX. The costume is very premium as it can be customized with a variety of colors and possesses an exclusive to emote, and a cool animation. It was first released in February 2021 through the Project Cobra event. It is one of the legendary costumes that require lots of diamonds for getting hands-on.

Cobra Ascension event in Free Fire MAX is offering premium cosmetics

The new Cobra Ascension event has been released on September 14, 2022, on Free Fire MAX containing a super cool Cobra Rage bundle and several other items. It will remain till September 27 so players have to hurry up. The grand prize (Cobra Rage bundle) is exclusive, and premium players cannot get it directly. First, they require making spins and getting Legendary Cobra Eggs. Several eggs are needed to get the rare outfit.

Grand items in the Cobra Ascension event

  • Collect 1 Legendary Cobra Egg: Get Cobra Statue Loot Box
  • Collect 2 Legendary Cobra Eggs: Get Motorbike – Cobra
  • Collect 3 Legendary Cobra Eggs: Get AK47 – Legendary Cobra
  • Collect 4 Legendary Cobra Eggs: Get Cobra Fist
  • Collect 5 Legendary Cobra Eggs: Get Cobra Rage Bundle

Remember that the rewards are cumulative so players can get all five items by gathering five Eggs. Here in this event, one spin costs 40 diamonds whereas and five spins require 180 diamonds. Apart from the grand prizes, players can collect many other rewards. Moreover, they can get an extra draw by removing three unwanted rewards from their bag.

How to get the Cobra Rage bundle and other rewards

  • Step 1: First, open Free Fire MAX and access the Luck Royale section from the left side of the screen.
  • Step 2: Next, press the Cobra Ascension event tab and make spins using diamonds. To get the Cobra Rage bundle first gather enough special tokens.
  • Step 3: After getting five Legendary Cobra Eggs to click on the items in the tower to obtain them.

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