Groza Thunder Electrified and other legendary Groza skin is now available at Free Fire MAX Special Incubator

Currently, there are four different incubators available in the Free Fire but the Beatz Banger is the most recent one. It launched freshly today and re-launched four Beatz Bangers Groza skins. So, players who missed the chance to acquire the guns back then can try their luck this time.

Get Groza Thunder Electrified from Free Fire Beatz Bangers Incubator

The Beatz Bangers incubator is launched on September 16, 2022, and it will be accessible till September 22. Players will need diamonds which are in-game currencies the game to participate. However, there is an option to use luck royale vouchers instead of diamonds. Each spin will cost players 40 diamonds or 1 incubator voucher and five spins will require 180 diamonds or five incubator vouchers. Players should remember that they cannot get the grand Groza skins directly. Beatz Bangers blueprints and evolution stones are required to craft the Groza skins. Players can get those by spinning in the event.

Prize pool of the current Beatz Bangers Incubator

The grand items along with the required materials to craft are as follows:

  • Groza Thunder Electrified: For 3x Blueprints and 7x Evolution Stone
  • Groza Airburst Entranced: For 2x Blueprints and 5x Evolution Stone
  • Groza Flames Enchanted: For 2x Blueprints and 4x Evolution Stone
  • Groza Jewel Mystified: For 1x Blueprints and 3x Evolution Stone

Steps to access the incubator and get desired Groza skin

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on your device then select the ‘Luck Royale’ tab from the left side of the screen.
  • Step 2: From there choose the Beatz Bangers incubator to access the event interface. Make spins using diamonds and get random rewards.
  • Step 3: Collect enough material to craft the desired gun skin and redeem that. Anyone having Reptilia Guns blueprints can exchange those for the Beatz Bangers blueprints.

The incubator is one of the most premium luck royale events and it requires lots of diamonds to get items from it. So, players with enough diamonds only should participate in this event.

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