Free Fire Tatsuya Character Ability Revealed: Free Fire OB36 upcoming Character

There are lots of in-game characters already in Free Fire. They impact the gameplay significantly with their abilities. Each character had their kind of ability that makes them unique. So, players always seek to obtain them. Free Fire offers one or more all-new characters in every OB update patch. This will be the same for the upcoming OB36 update also. Let’s check out the upcoming character in Free Fire. 

Free Fire to get a new Character: Tatsuya

The confirmation of an upcoming new character is been confirmed by Free Fire as developers teased some upcoming features in the OB36 update in-game. It is said that Tatsuya is Shirou’s younger brother. It will be incorporated through a major event after the upcoming OB36 update.  Every character possesses unique abilities that make them super attractive. Tatsuya also has an ability called Rebel Rush.

The ability of the upcoming character Tatsuya in Free Fire

Tatsuya’s ability is active. So players will get to use the ability for a limited duration only and it requires manual activation. He can move forward at a rapid speed for a limited duration. This ability will be a game changer when players will need to retreat from an intense fight. 

Rebel Rush: Active Skill

Tatsuya can move forward at a rapid speed for 0.5 seconds. The skill can be accumulated for consecutive uses (Up to 2 times). It has a cool-down time as it is an active skill. The Cooldown is 40 seconds. Moreover, if anyone uses the skill consecutively, they will face an additional 5 seconds of cool down between uses. Players can upgrade Tatsuya’s skill by using memory fragments which will eventually lower the cooldown to 30 seconds.

Here is a table mentioning the skill in each subsequent level,

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Cool Down (S)403836343230

Tatsuya will release for sure as the official announcement is already been made. What is your thought regarding the upcoming Tatsuya character? Comment down below!

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