How to get Beatz Bangers Blueprint for free from Crack Of Dawn Top-Up in Free Fire MAX

Top-Up events are introduced regularly in Free Fire to encourage players to collect the in-game currency regularly. Players who purchase diamonds also wait for such events as they get freebies for purchasing certain diamonds. A new Crack Of Dawn Top-Up commenced today containing some free rewards. But the main attraction is the Beatz Bangers Blueprint which is essential to get an exclusive Groza skin from the incubator. Hence many players may find it a good opportunity as they only have to buy diamonds and not spend those.

Free Fire launches Crack Of Dawn Top-Up event

The Crack Of Dawn Top-Up event is released on September 17, 2022, and will remain till September 23. The requirement of getting the Beatz Bangers Blueprint is very high but players also should consider the rarity of the item. Along with the blueprint, there are also some other rewards like a gloo wall skin and a Facepaint. The Facepaint is very interesting as it is an animation of crying.

Reward pool of the Crack Of Dawn Top-Up

Here are the available items along with the required diamonds to purchase,

Purchase 100 diamonds: Get Crying Emote

Purchase 300 diamonds: Get Crack of Dawn Gloo wall

Purchase 1000 diamonds: Get Beatz Banger Blueprint

The three items are cumulative so players can grab all of them by just topping up 1000 diamonds.

Steps to access the Crack Of Dawn Top-Up event and get rewards

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and login into your account.
  • Step 2: Then head to the top-up interface of Free Fire by clicking on the ‘+’ option on the top side.
  • Step 3: Top Up 1060 diamonds for 800 rupees to unlock all the rewards from Crack Of Dawn Top-Up. Diamonds will be credited to the account once the payment is completed.
  • Step 4: Now open the ‘Event’ tab by clicking on the ‘Calendar’ icon. Select the current top-up event and claim your rewards.

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