Get Chrono’s Skyboard and other Surfboards at 50% discount in Free Fire MAX

Another huge discount is launched in Free Fire MAX. Players can avail Parachutes and Surfboards for half of its price from in-game store section. Legendary Surfboards like Chrono’s Skyboard and Maniacal Chainsaw are available for as low as 149 diamonds. Moreover, parachutes are ranged from just 99 diamonds. Most of the items in Store section are premium and valuable so many players could not acquire them. So, they should not miss the current discount.

50% off on Surfboard and Parachute in Free Fire MAX

The 50% discount on the surfboards and parachutes of Store section is started on 20 September, 2022. Players have to hurry as it will remain for today only. The list comprises various surfboards and parachutes. Most of them were previously released in luck royale events or faded wheel events, which require lots of diamonds to participate. Moreover, store section provides an opportunity to pay for only the desired items.  Currently, these are the items that can be obtained at 50 % discount for today.

 Surfboard List (50% off)

  • Chrono’s Skyboard – 149 diamonds
  • Cobra Skyboard for 149 diamonds
  • K.O. Night Champion Belt for 149 diamonds
  • Goddess of War for 99 diamonds
  • Disease for 99 diamonds
  • The Magic Stick for 149 diamonds
  • Wasteland Survivor for 99 diamonds
  • Maniacal Chainsaw for 149 diamonds
  • And other ordinary items

Parachute List (50% off)

  • Arctic Flame for 99 diamonds
  • Captain Summer for 99 diamonds
  • Blood Reigning for 99 diamonds
  • Beast in the Sky for 99 diamonds
  • Enter Chrono! for 99 diamonds
  • Cobra Strike for 99 diamonds
  • Cobra Attack for 99 diamonds
  • Falling Star for 99 diamonds
  • Death Incoming for 99 diamonds
  • Draconic Invasion for 99 diamonds
  • Other ordinary parachutes

How to collect surfboard and parachute at half price from store

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and click on the ‘Store’ section available at the left side of the lobby.
  • Step 2: Head to the ‘Normal’ section and then press the ‘collection’ button.
  • Step 3: Get access to the surfboards from surfboard section and select the desired Chrono’s Skyboard.
  • Step 4: Purchase the item with diamonds and that will be added to the ‘vault’ section.

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