Get 520 diamonds for only 95 rupees from the Less is More Top-Up: Free Fire MAX

Free Fire provides various in-game cosmetics through events that enhance the in-game experience. However, those items don’t come for free. Diamonds are needed to participate in those events. Sometimes game developers launch unique events that offer discounts on diamonds and players always seek such opportunities. Currently, a unique top-up event is available in-game that offers a 60% discount for 520 diamonds to those who have less than 50 diamonds in their Free Fire account.

Less is More Top-Up is offering a Huge discount on diamonds

The Less is More Top-Up event was introduced on the Indian server on September 19, 2022, and is still available. It is very unique compared to other top-up events. The event provides discounts on 520 diamond packs (Worth 400 rupees) depending on the player’s possessed diamonds. Those having fewer diamonds will get high discounts compared to those with thousands of diamonds. Here is a list mentioning all the details regarding the discount.

All discount rates of the Less is More Top-Up in Free Fire MAX

  • Players having 0 to 49 diamonds: 60% discount (95 rupees)
  • Players having 50 to 149 diamonds: 40% discount (190 rupees)
  • Players having 150 to 299 diamonds: 20% discount (290 rupees)
  • Players having more than 300 diamonds: No discount (390 rupees)

Remember that the offer is for one-time purchase only and applied to the ‘520 diamond’ pack.

How to get a discount from the Less is More event

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX first then head to the top-up section by tapping on the ‘+’ icon available at the top side of the home lobby.
  • Step 2: Now, tap on the ‘Less is More’ event tab.
  • Step 3: Click below the buying option and complete payment by a suitable method.

The event is providing an exclusive opportunity to get lots of diamonds at a very cheap rate. Moreover, lots of premium faded wheel events are now available in the game so players having more than 300 diamonds should use them and grab the maximum discount from the latest Less is More Top-Up event.  

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