Double Trouble Highlights Event Calendar in Free Fire MAX

A new event calendar is been incorporated today on the Free Fire MAX Indian server announcing the arrival of an array of special events. Event calendars are very important in Free Fire as lots of free items can be collected from it. It is released on September 23, 2022, and will be available till October 6. Some events have already been launched with freebies and some are yet to be introduced. The whole event series is featuring the story of the upcoming character Tatsuya. Let’s check out his identity and background.

Tatsuya Character Background Story

Tatsuya suffered a lot of prejudice and discrimination after his father’s death. Moreover, he was blamed to be a traitor to his city. He was bullied and eventually became a rebel and irritable person. He became a truant, hung out with bad people, and fought with other teenagers who talked ill about his family. He blamed his father for all of his sufferings. He also thinks that his brother ‘Shirou’ is also responsible as he did not fight back.

Double Trouble Highlights Calendar: Complete Schedule with rewards

  • Playtime Challenge (September 23 – September 26): Get Gang Basher
  • Help Us (September 26 – September 30)
  • Elimination (September 29 – October 3): Get a car skin
  • Booyah (October 2 – October 6): get an emote
  • Daily missions & After Matchdrop (September 28 – October 6)
  • Exchange Store (September 28 – October 6): Get a Waiter set and Surfboard skin
  • Free 24-Hour Trial (September 30 – October 1): Trial Tatsuya character
  • Login Reward (October 2): Get Pan skin
  • Playtime Event (October 1– October 2)
  • Daily Missions (October 3– October 6): Get a free pet

In the list, a few events are already available for participation in Free Fire MAX and some are waiting to be launched. Players can get free Gang Basher by participating in the ongoing Playtime Challenge. To access the event players should follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Tap on the ‘Calendar’ icon and open the Double Trouble tab.
  • Step 2: select any of the available events and play to get rewards.  

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