How to get Permanent Gun Skin from the New Gun Skin System in Free Fire MAX

Gun skins make a huge impact on the overall gameplay in Free Fire MAX. There are different types of gun skins in the game and premium skins have the greatest attributes. However, not everyone is lucky enough to get a permanent one. Most of the time, temporary gun skins are given from events that are available for a limited time only. But with the OB 36 update patch, a revolutionary change has come in the Free Fire gun skin system. Now players can collect enough temporary gun skins to make that permanent forever.

New Gun Skin System in Free Fire MAX: All You Need to Know

The New Gun Skin System is incorporated into the game on September 23, 2022, through the latest OB update patch. Because of the new system, players can collect temporary gun skins without any hesitation as the period will be added as progress. Eventually, they can get 100% of the progress and the gun skin will become permanent.

Moreover, developers have introduced an event so that everyone can understand the new system easily. Players have to collect the temporary Blueflame Groza skins from the event and make them permanent.

Free Permanent Gun Skin: Get Blueflame Groza for free

The event was introduced on September 23, 2022, offering Blueflame Groza for free. Individuals have to complete some given tasks to get the skin.

  • Complete the daily login
  • Deal 1000 damage

After completing the missions, players will get a temporary Blueflame Groza (20 days). 20 days period equals 20% progress. Moreover, the mission refreshes at 4:00 am (IST) every day. The goal is to collect 5 Blueflame Groza (20 days) and reach to 100% progress. The temporary gun skin (in this case Blueflame Groza) will become permanent after players hit 100% progress.

  • 1 Day = 1%
  • 100 Days = 100% = Permanent Gun skin


Q. How to get permanent AK-Flaming Dragon, Cupid Scar, and other skins from the New Gun Skin System?

Ans. Head to the in-game store section and purchase your desired gun grates. Collect enough gun skins worth 100 days and the skin will be permanent.  

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