Next Weapon Royale gun skin of Free Fire MAX: Wraith Patrol Bizon

In Free Fire, players get to enjoy a variety of events with different contents. Some of them offer premium Costumes, some offer premium Gun skins. Among them, legendary gun skins are always in high demand in the community for their super cool appearance and amazing attributes. Such guns can be collected from various events. Weapon royale is among those events that come in the luck royale genre. Players require luck to get their hand on the grand rewards of the event. Developers add a completely new legendary gun skin in the Weapon royale section replacing the old one. Currently, there is a rare skin of Charge Buster but it will be replaced after nine days. A new gun skin will arrive in the section and some data miners already leaked some information about it.

Upcoming Weapon Royale Gun skin (October 2022) in Free Fire: All you need to know

The upcoming Weapon Royale Gun will be a special skin of Bizon. The name of the gun will be Wraith Patrol Bizon. It will be introduced in the game on October 4, 2022, and can be accessible for 30 days onwards. The popular Bizon skin has some recoil issues that can be overcome using the Wraith Patrol Bizon. The gun has a very attractive appearance and cool animation on it. The blue color gives it an elegant look. Undoubtedly, many players will try to get the gun skin in the upcoming days. But, they should remember that prizes are not guaranteed in this section as it is purely luck-based.

Release Date and time of Upcoming Weapon Royale Gun in Free Fire MAX

The upcoming Wraith Patrol Bizon is scheduled to release on October 4, 2022, at 12.00 AM in Free Fire MAX.


Q: How many diamonds will be required to collect the Wraith Patrol Bizon?

Answer: Lucky players might get the said gun skin for a few hundred diamonds whereas others may need thousands.

Players should not forget that these are mere leaks. So, they are requested to wait for the official arrival for confirmation.

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