Next Diamond Royale in Free Fire: Nightslayer Teddy bundle for October 2022

In Free Fire, cool-looking bundles are always at the top of the list of enthusiasts. Different events offer cool bundles throughout the year. Diamond Royale is one of them. It is updated every month, offering players a variety of costumes. There is a premium bundle in the diamond royale section but it will be replaced soon with an exclusive set.

Release date of the new Nightslayer Teddy bundle in the next Diamond Royale

The next bundle will be arrived in the diamond royale section on October 16, 2022, and will be available throughout the month of October in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX for the Indian server.

Everything you need to know about Free Fire Next Diamond Royale bundle

The next bundle in the Diamond royale section will be named Nightslayer Teddy. It is a male bundle having a unique appearance. The funky looks will surely attract many players and they will try to get it. However, it is not a free event. Individuals will need 60 diamonds for only one spin and 600 diamonds for 11 spins. However, players can also use a diamond royale voucher to make spins. The vouchers can be collected for free by participating in various in-game events. The important thing is, it is a purely luck-based event so there is no guarantee of getting the grand prize. So, players with enough diamonds only should participate in this event.

Diamond royale contains a lot of other events rather than the grand bundle. Magic Cube can be collected from here which is also considered a premium item. Moreover, there are also other ordinary items like pet skins, pet foods, scanners, and different loot crates.


Q. When will the next diamond royale bundle arrive?

Ans. The next diamond royale bundle is scheduled to release on October 16, 2022, at 12 PM (IST).

Q. How to get the Nightslayer Teddy bundle?

Ans. There is no guarantee of getting the set. Lucky players may draw the premium costume within a few diamonds but some may require thousands.  

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