Try Tatsuya Character for free and get rewards from Free Fire MAX today

The newest character of Free Fire is finally launched in the game. The new character is named Tatsuya and there is an interesting backstory to him. He is Shirou’s younger brother and lives in Grisa city. Characters are always in high demand as they possess extraordinary skills. Tatsuya’s ability is called Rebel Rush which provides him a movement boost for a certain moment. 

Claim a free trial of Tatsuya in Free Fire MAX

The free trial event is launched on September 30, 2022, and can be accessible today only. The requirement to get the trial for free is very minimal. Players only have to log in to Free Fire or Free Fire MAX of the Indian server today and they will get the Character for 24 hours. It is a good chance to test the new character as Free Fire will surely bring in a premium event providing the Tatsuya character and its premium bundle for certain diamonds (in-game currency). Tatsuya possesses active ability. He can move forward at a rapid speed for a limited duration. This ability will be a game changer when players will need to retreat from an intense fight. 

How to access the event and try the Tatsuya character for free

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and select the ‘calendar’ icon. Then, select the ‘Double trouble’ tab.
  • Step 2: Now, tap on the ‘Try Tatsuya Now’ event and claim the Tatsuya character for 24 hours.

Tatsuya dash event in Free Fire MAX: Play Time Rewards

The event is a complementary one to the previously discussed event. Here, players will get exclusive double trouble event lobby music and universal fragments. All of the items are free. Players only have to play some matches in Free Fire using the newly released Tatsuya character. The rewards along with corresponding missions are as follows:

  • Play 5 matches using Tatsuya: 200x Universal Fragments
  • Play 10 matches using Tatsuya: Weapon Royale voucher
  • Booyah 5 times using Tatsuya: No King of Me

To access the event simply choose the ‘Tatsuya Dash’ tab from Free Fire ‘Double Trouble’ event section.

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