Free Fire Upcoming Character Luna: First Thai character

Being a popular battle royale game, Free Fire always adds new characters so that players can get plenty of options according to their needs. Recently, a character named Tatsuya was arrived in the game. Moreover, it seems that developers has got more in their hands as the rumours suggests that another new character is going to arrive in Free Fire. Characters in Free Fire have their own kind of ability making them unique. The upcoming character also possesses some unique abilities.

New Luna Character in Free Fire: All you need to know

The new character is called, Luna. She is inspired from the very popular Thai actress “Yaya Urassaya”. According to the leaked information we can expect that a grand event campaign will be launched in the game in which the new character will arrive. Luna has an ability called Fight-Or-Flight. The passive ability has the function of increasing shooting speed while increasing movement speed.

Free Fire upcoming character Luna Ability explained

Being a passive ability, Luna is not bounded with time duration. Players will have an increase in fire rate if they use Luna in a match. So, it will be a top choice if any one loves playing with guns having low rate of fire. Moreover, the shooting speed will be converted to movement speed while hitting an opponent.

The below table contains all details regarding the skill in each subsequent level,

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Maximum Firing rate Increase12.51517.52022.525
Maximum Movement Speed Increase101214161820

In upcoming days, there will be various events that players cannot miss. There will be different kind of in-game missions and off-battlefield activities for players. They can have a lot of fun as many amazing items and rewards will be available for completely free.

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