Free Fire finally launched its latest pet Fang: Fang Top-Up event

The rumors about the latest pet in Free Fire became true. The new pet is inspired by the werewolves and is named Fang. Just like any other pet, Fang also possesses unique abilities that give a boost to the in-game character. Well, players can grab this new pet for almost free as it is launched through a Top Up event. Such events provide players with bonus freebies if they purchase a particular number of diamonds. Diamonds are the only in-game currency in-game; hence, players have to spend their real money. But they will not have to spend those diamonds so they can use them later. Moreover, there is also an interesting Emote available as reward.

Get Fang and Sit Down emote from the Fang Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX

The Fang Top-Up commenced on October 18, 2022, and will continue till October 23. So, there are three days left before it comes to an end. The event contains two requirements for rewards. If anyone purchases 100 diamonds they will receive pet ‘Fang’ and the Lava fang skin both. It is a great deal as most pets cost 499 diamonds (skin is not included). However, the reward which is the Sit Down emote does not seem that interesting.

Fang Abilities

In the level 3 ability, the owner will receive 10 EP if HP is full or 5 HP if HP is not full, whenever the owner’s teammate is knocked down by an enemy. However, it does not exceed HP or EP limit. The Cooldown is 40 seconds.

Reward pool of the new Fang Top Up event in Free Fire

  • Top up 100 diamonds: Get Fang and Lava Fang Pet Skin
  • Top up 500 diamonds: Get Sit Down!

How to get the Lava Fang and the other reward from the new event

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX on the device and select the ‘+’ button beside the diamond icon.
  • Step 2: Top up your desired amount of diamonds to unlock the rewards first.
  • Step 3: Then head to the ‘Fang Top-Up’ event. Click the ‘Claim’ button next to the rewards to collect those.

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