How to get the Roaring Protector Gloo Wall from the Light Pass event: Free Fire MAX

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that does not hesitate to launch interesting and cool events for its enthusiasts. Some of the events require diamonds and some of them are free for all. Usually, the most premium ones cost a little bit. This time, Free Fire introduces an event called ‘Light Pass’ under the light fest campaign. The Light Pass is to be bought first with 99 diamonds. Then, players will get access to a variety of events that is offering premium items. One such event is the ‘7 Days Login’ which is offering the very cool Roaring Protector Gloo Wall.

Get Roaring Protector Gloo Wall by only spending 99 diamonds

The Roaring Protector Gloo Wall can be collected by participating in the “Daily Login Rewards” section. First, players require activating the light pass by spending 99 diamonds. Then they have to log in to the game for 7 days consecutively. Moreover, there are also several rewards available that will also be unlocked. If a day is missed, players still have the chance to claim the reward for that day using diamonds. The price to claim rewards for logins that are missed will increase with each missed login. It is worth participating in this event as most gloo walls cost a hundred diamonds.

Complete the reward list of this event section in Free Fire MAX

  • Log in for 1 day: Get AN94-Tsunami Bolt
  • Log in for 2 days: Get MP5-Meta Lava
  • Log in for 3 days: Get Groza-Flames Enchanted
  • Log in for 4 days: Get  UMP-Grizzly Papercut
  • Log in for 5 days: Get Aug-Mars Landcruiser
  • Log in for 6 days: Get P90-Tune Blaster Blue
  • Log in for 7 days: Get XM8-Sinister Pumpkin and Roaring Protector Gloo Wall

Steps to get the Roaring Protector Gloo Wall

  • Step 1: Open the ‘Daily Login Rewards’ section by entering to the ‘Light Pass’ event interface after clicking the ‘Light Fest’ icon.
  • Step 2: Buy the pass for 99 diamonds and log in for 7 days.
  • Step 3: Select the claim button and get your rewards

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