Free Fire MAX Next Weapon royale for December 2022: Kingfisher – Song of Hana

Weapons are very important in any battle royale game and Free Fire provides additional attributes in premium weapon skins. So those having extraordinary weapon skins get a lot of privileges during a match.  Free Fire offers various events that offer legendary gun skins and Weapon Royale is one of them. It provides a new legendary gun skin every month. Currently, there is the legendary Nightslayer Grizzly-SVD skin which will be replaced by a new gun. However, developers have not yet confirmed about the upcoming gun but some popular data miners already leaked the details.

Upcoming Weapon Royale Gun skin in Free Fire: Everything We know so Far

According to rumors the upcoming Weapon Royale Gun will be a special skin of Kingfisher. It is called the Kingfisher – Song of Hana. The overall look of the gun is based on the purple and black color theme. However, it is not a free event. Diamonds are required to make spins here. Though, players can use weapon royale vouchers to make spins for free. Those vouchers are offered in various in-game events. A single spin here is priced at 40 diamonds or 1 weapon royale voucher. A pack of 10+1 spins costs 400 diamonds or 10 weapon royale vouchers. However, players are not guaranteed to get the mighty gun skin in a particular number of spins.

Free Fire MAX Next Weapon Royale Gun skin Release Date

The upcoming Kingfisher – Song of Hana is scheduled to release on December 4, 2022, at 12.00 AM in Free Fire MAX of Indian server.

Attributes of the Kingfisher – Song of Hana

It has increased damage and fire range but the movement speed is reduced. So the overall composition surely makes the upcoming weapon royale gun skin a balanced one.

  • Damage ++
  • Fire range +
  • Movement speed –


Q: How many diamonds are required to get a gun skin from Free Fire Weapon Royale?

Answer: there is no guarantee of getting the desired skin. Required number of diamonds may be range from 40 diamonds to thousands.

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